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Chronic Dry Eyes Conditions

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We have had previous extensive discussion on dry eyes on our social media posts. Today we are glad to bring it to you here for your comprehensive consumption.

Of course, individuals suffering from dry eye would experience stinging feeling, eye redness or a gritty sensation that appears to burn the eyes.

The dry eyes could be chronic or temporary. You get the condition when your tears get to evaporate at a quick rate or the tears from your tear glands arenít enough.

Untreated chronic dry eye condition can lead to bad complications, however, relief is readily available.

Some individuals treat their dry eye symptoms using home remedies alongside some eye drop prescription.

However, the reduction in the symptoms of the dry eye also requires an understanding of the underlying causes.

This affords you a good chance of either preventing or avoiding them.

Let us discuss some of the very common causes of chronic dry eye:


On average, anyone can have the dry eye condition, however, the condition appears to be common when one is aging.

Individuals at age 50 and above tend to be more affected by the dry eye because advancement in age means a decline in the production of tears.

In this case, artificial tears can help out if applied regularly as it provides some extra form of lubrication to the eye, thereby relieving it of its dryness.


Our tears contain water, mucus, and oil. Some medications that we consume do contain substances that have the tendencies to reduce mucus secretion.

Medications such as antidepressants, antihistamines, and diuretics.

If you observe that medication has lead to dryness of your eye, get in touch with your eye doctor.

You may get alternative medications that wonít lead to the dry eye effect.

Artificial tears alongside your medication can also be of help to lubricate the eye.

Computer use

Working on a computer certainly causes eyestrain and other fatigue. Staring at a computer for long can also cause tears reduction and eventually lead to your eyes getting dry.

Those who work staring on the computer screen blink less, therefore their tears tend to evaporate quickly.

It is better to blink more often if you use a computer for work. Constant blinking helps to lubricate the eyes and prevent irritation.

At this point, it will be good to follow the 20-minute rule of looking away. This simple exercise would help to lubricate your eyes.

Laser surgery

After a laser surgery for eye correction, some individuals do experience dry eye conditions.

During the surgery, the procedure may cut some nerves attached to the cornea and this eventually cause the eye to produce few tears.

However, this is usually not for long as it gets resolved after a few weeks.

But until then, individuals who have undergone a laser surgery should use lubricating eye drops to keep the eyes wet.


Hormones have roles the play in dry eye condition. During menopause, pregnancy, or using birth control pills, some women may experience dry eye symptoms.

The production of tears is stimulated by hormones, therefore an imbalance can cause a reduction in tear production.
Your eye doctor can certainly prescribe eye drops to cushion the effect of dryness.

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