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Eyecare Tips for your Children Eye health

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A significant part of the information weget to perceive comes through our vision, that is why the eyesight is one ofthe most essential senses in the human body.


Regular eye care and routine eyeexamination are the assured ways of identifying and preventing a majority ofeye problems associated with children.


If you observe that your child experienceschallenges with vision, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your eye doctor.


Your children may not be aware of ways toensure their eye protection from injuries, as a parent the responsibility lieswith you to teach them how to prevent eye injuries.


Getting to protect your child’s eyesightall starts during the stage of pregnancy.

It is highly advisable that pregnantmothers should avoid smoking, either actively or passively.


Studies have shown that prenatal smokingcould damage the eyes of unborn babies, so it is necessary you ensure allpossible ways to prevent complications on your unborn child.

You can imagine an unborn baby alreadydeveloped a vision problem.


Generally, smoking isn’t good for yourhealth and by extension, it can also affect your sight as an adult.


We have come with some health tips thatcan improve your children’s eyesight.

Follow them diligently to prevent visionloss or eye damage in your children.


Healthy diet


For proper growth and development, food ishighly important, however, not just food but healthy food.


Healthy food helps to boost children’svision, healthy foods including fruits, vegetables, fish and eggs.

Vegetables, especially the green leafyones are a good source of Vitamin A which helps to improve vision.

As a parent, you can do well byencouraging your children to consume natural fruits rather than processed ones.


Sleeping well


Eight hours is the required minimum timeto have a good sleep.

Having sufficient amount of sleep at nighthelps bring rejuvenation to the body, especially the eyes. Encourage your kidsto get a good night sleep


Drink plenty of water

The eye must be kept moist always, that iswhy an adequate amount of water is required by the eye for a healthy vision.

Encourage your child to consume a minimumof four glasses of water per day.

That amount of water may vary depending onthe activities your child is involved with.


Water is highly required for the cleaningprocess that takes place in the eye.


Use of contact lenses and eyeglasses


You should not expect your kids to becautious with the use of eyeglasses or contact lens when they are not informed.

As parents, you need to teach them aboutthe proper ways of wearing and handling it.

Tell them to remove the glasses when theyare about to play games.

Do not also forget to get eyeglasses foryour children as recommended by an Optometrist's prescription.



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